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With a refined eye for design, and over a decade of experience in the design industry, I bring a unique and thoughtful approach to my role as a designer and consultant, focusing on the individual needs of my clients and users to offer impact.

I am sought after by clients for my creativity and partnership, including Wholefoods Market, LBJ Wildflower Center, University of Texas and Victrola Design Studio to name a few. I own a boutique design studio called The Oddest Detail. I bring nearly a decade of experience to my work, along with the expertise to know what makes a design beautiful and functional.

Outside of the studio, I am honored to work with a group of talented designers focused on Enterprise Design Thinking and the design industry at large.


I take pride in the opportunity to work with my clients. Their feedback contributes to my growth as a creative. Below are a few things my client says about me, Please visit the recommendation section on my LinkedIn profile to find out more.

Brooke Waupsh, CEO and Co-Founder of Swoovy

“Jenny is strategic in her approach to design and is diligent about gathering the right information upfront to inform what she produces.”

Adam Lehman, Design Director at Design Bridge

“Jenny’s journey started as a Designer, which I can say she has truly mastered. Jenny respects the process, isn’t afraid of critique, and can bring an idea from all perspectives to find the best solution to the problem at hand.…” “She can handle multiple projects at once, and not just small problems, but enterprise level problems.”

Lara Hanlon, Brand Experience Design, IBM Research at IBM

“She is a true creative at the core and her process-oriented approach to design keeps team members and project deliverables on track. Above all, Jenny has an incredible ability to create a positive, open professional environment where teammates feel empowered to learn and participate.”

Jennifer Lin, Program Director, VPC Infrastructure Product Management - IBM Cloud

“There are very few designers who know how to guide another designer to be a better version of themselves, and Jenny is capable of doing just that.”