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Process & Practices


Enabling others is core to my ethos. It’s my belief that any project I work on with my clients should be a partnership. It’s my job to provide the identity and solutions they need to reach their goals and embody their missions.


My general process to collaborate with clients are Research, Design, Deliver, and Followup.


Seek first to understand. Before diving deep into a collaborative partnership with you, I will walk you through the needs and the core purpose for the work. I will ensure alignment with your user needs by going through some processes and exercises together to make sure we are confident with what we find.


Put your users first. Before going into each project, I’ll generate a project brief based on our initial concept and conversation. Only upon approval of the direction by you, the client, will the design work begin. Intention, feedback, and collaboration will be incorporated up-front. Design is a collaborative effort, and I love having you work on design exploration with me. The design should not be a cookie-cutter fast-food delivery type of experience for you.


Enablement is part of the delivery. The design work I produce will always be delivered with everything you need to make an impact. And you’ll have what you need moving forward, including all the necessary files. No matter if it’s brand identity, illustration, or icons for your website.


Relationship building is one of the collaboration success criteria. After a project has been launched, I’d love to reconnect on how the project goal has met your need and expectation. The collaboration will not end after delivery. Follow-up is part of the process for making sure you are satisfied with the work, and that is why I love what I do.


There are many frameworks and methodologies out there for designing. There’s no right or wrong in using any one of them as long as they meet your need. Among many design frameworks, the three frameworks I use the most currently are the following.

Enterprise Design Thinking

A framework supports the focus on drive business by helping users achieve their goals, stay essential by treating everything as a prototype and move faster by empowering the diverse team to act.

Double Diamond

A design approach includes Discovery, Definition, Development, and Delivery stages. It starts with gathering data to identify the problem or opportunity at a high level, sorting data and ideas to decide what goes into development. Once the concept is defined and prioritized, it goes into designing or developing and testing to ensure the solution has no issues and can be released.


A methodology focus on iterative development. A highly collaborative process based on Scrum and Kanban. Github and Zenhub are the tools I use to deliver small and manageable specific milestones.